A 5-star hotel for special cars

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Calendar 23/02/2017
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Finding the time and space to enjoy their passion are major problems for car collectors. Further, the rising values of most of these automotive masterpieces ensure that owners will want to keep their cars in safe places. Nowadays, it is commonly accepted that there is a strong connection between the world of vintage cars and that of art collections because both involve unique, authentic, and precious items.

A Million Steps

In Bologna, in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region ― famous as ‘the Italian Motorvalley’ ― we found Art Defender Motori, a safety vault with skilled professionals that offers a range of services especially for classic and exotic cars collectors. President Dr. Alvise di Canossa always says:

“Our services are for the people who have zero time to take care of their car.”

Strategically based in the Bologna area, this vault is easily accessible by guests from Italy or foreigners, who can find storage facilities, planned maintenance programs, and a wide range of tailor-made services. For the Out of Art Defender Vault, collectors can choose from tens of itineraries, tracks, and regulated races or rallies organized in Italy.

In this way customers can dedicate themselves only to their passion without worrying about preservation, restoration works, or relocation of their “masterpieces”. For example, every 15 days a maintenance program is offered, which includes starting the engine, general control, and a short drive through the plant.

“The car owners get here, take their perfect car and have fun with it; once they’ve returned, they give it back to us and we take care of everything.”

Would you like to race the 1000 Miglia, to drive your car into Modena racetrack, or along the roads of Tuscany? Art Defender Motori could organize logistics and delivery.

A Million Steps
Photos by Gianni Mazzotta

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