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Calendar 02/11/2017
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A proponent of the Italian minimalist lifestyle, Daniele Siciliano ended up working for a famous fashion House, almost by chance. He first discovered Velasca when searching for the perfect color loafer ― which he found in our Cavadent. For our column, A conversation with, we got to know Daniele, meeting him in his favorite suburb of Milan, to find out more about his personal style and taste in clothing (and more).

Hi Daniele, how did you end up in the fashion world?

I got there through an unusual path. The story is that I was a soccer player but, due to an injury, I had to stop playing. Through a series of lucky events, I ended up modeling for a few fashion houses: Zegna, Armani, and Ferragamo, above all. Zegna was my first love: it’s the family-owned business that helped me to grow.

I got further into the industry by becoming a specialist in tailor-made suits, managing our various stores. After some time, I moved to the distribution department, first in Italian, and then in European markets. Currently, London is my main destination.

What do you have for breakfast?

I’d be 100 percent for a salty breakfast, but the problem is you need so much time to cook it. In the morning I’m always in a rush, my apartment is usually a mess with my girlfriend, and our dog is running around. On the weekends, I can cook more savory breakfast stuff, which I like to follow with a coffee and a run. I try to sleep in as much as I can.

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How do you interpret the Italian lifestyle?

Not being showy or ostentatious, especially when it comes to the small details. To me, good taste in clothing is shown through being understated and minimal. You can dress in a high-end jacket ― or even your grandpa’s vintage one ― but what really matters is the way you wear it. Basically, how confident you are in your clothing will show.

Who would you name as one icon of the Italian style of the past, and one of style today?

The first one on the list is Marcello Mastroianni. Right after him, I name Gianni Agnelli. Looking at contemporary characters, and what’s happening now on the streets of Milan, there are many unknown men who know how to dress with elegance. Take Toni Servillo in The Great Beauty, for instance: he is a master of wearing shoes and jackets stylishly.

What is a magazine you like reading?

Mr Porter is a magazine I like very much. It usually stays in front of our couch as if it was a piece of design ― it’s our version of a coffee table book. I can’t help it, it’s a nice object to have at home, and to collect.

Tell me about a place in Milan you particularly love.

It might be because I live here and I spend a lot of time around this area, but you really can’t compare any other district of this city to Brera. I love wandering around these tiny old streets and stopping by its courtyards to read a book or listening to music on my headphones. Foreign people usually say there’s no similar district anywhere else in the world.

What kinds of places do you like to take your girlfriend for dinner?

I’d take her to La Brisa of Milan (we actually go there quite a lot already). You get in through an almost hidden street. When you get there, the restaurant looks like a tavern. There’s a gorgeous and very small courtyard ― gravel and trees everywhere. And there are walls that frame the whole thing. You almost forget about you’re in Milan: it’s magical.

What would you like to be doing in the future?

As a child, I always dreamed of becoming a soccer player. But, growing up, I learned to enjoy many other things: for instance, I love cooking. I’d like to open a small restaurant that mixes different kinds of venues ― I imagine a place that is both a shop and a bistrot. The kind of place that you’d want to spend a lot of time in.

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Photos by Ludovico Bertè

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