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A Million Steps è un magazine online di lifestyle che racconta il mondo che gravita attorno a Velasca. Parliamo di consigli di stile e modi di vivere, lasciando voce alle diverse opinioni. La nostra missione è quella di dare spunti ai lettori, per renderti la vita un po’ più facile, ogni giorno di più.

A conversation with: Gerardo Cavaliere

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This magazine is run by the Velasca creative department. Why are we telling you this now? One and a half years after publishing our first article, we realized this wasn’t well known among the readers of A Million Steps. And this is cool because it means that our “relatively uncommercial way of writing” pays off. In here, you’ll find so many stories but no one will sell you shoes.

For A conversation with, the column dedicated to our brand customers, we’re introducing to you our interview with Gerardo Cavaliere, a Foggia-born thirty-one-year-old man living and working in Milan. He made a living out of his passion for style and startups.

Hi Gerardo, how do you plan a day as a freelancer?

On an average day, I wake up early and have breakfast at home, either a rusk and jam or cereals and rice milk. Then, I have a shower and start replying to emails. I try planning my meetings in the morning, so I can do some exercise during lunch time.

In the afternoon, I get back to the office, which, to me, is a desk in a room a share with my colleagues. For dinner, I go home to cook, and then I usually play soccer with friends or enjoy a beer with good company.

So you cook. What’s your signature dish?

As a real Pugliese (Puglia-native), I love cooking meatballs. My grandma taught me the classic recipe with tomato sauce.

You’re among the Velasca customers who better understand our ‘Lifestyle Italiano’, the magazine motto. What does it mean to you?

Sober, refined, and elegant. For many, it’ll sound too basic and flat but it’s the key to Italian style. For instance: a striped shirt under a patterned suit just doesn’t work very well. You can’t wear too many things together. Plus, ‘Lifestyle Italiano’ means feeling right with your own outfit.

Recommend us a movie to see (again and again).

The Family Man starring Nicolas Cage. I like this double idea about how men should be accomplished in their life. From driving a Ferrari to a normal life. I probably saw it 50 times. It tells the story about how, really, every man needs both.

Where would you go for a tailored suit?

Without a doubt, at Eduardo De Simone’s, simply the master. I happened to personally meet him this year, and he’s the artisan who made the suit I wear today. To understand his greatness, he made me try it five times during different weeks. It has to fit just right.

Let’s act as we’re not from here: where would you take us to shop in Milan?

Honestly, I’m not a shopaholic type of person. I don’t like shopping every week or something. But I’d take you to The Store at Via Solferino. You’ll find everything you need in there.

You have one planned holiday and you have to pick a place in Italy: where would you go?

To Sicily and, more precisely, to Catania and Palermo. Around these cities, there are many magical places for culture and beach life. I keep going there. Have you ever been to Scopello? It’s worth the trip.

Okay, what about the weekend: what do you get up to?

I take my Triumph, and I drive to one of the many spots around Milan. This is the (first) bike of my dreams; I wanted it for years. Speaking of dreams, I wouldn’t mind driving a last generation Porsche Targa.

Let’s leave this conversation with style: how do you match your Chelseas?

Depending to the season, I like wearing them with a pair of jeans and a pullover, or matching a suit since I love its contrast with classic style. When you drive a motorbike, this works very much.

All interview photos are by our Ludovico Bertè

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