A conversation with: Sebastiano Antinori

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Calendar 29/12/2017
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Can you picture a native Roman driving to the courthouse on an all-white 50 Special Vespa? Sebastiano Antinori does just that. Antinori is our guest today, in the column that Velasca customers turn to for style inspiration. He’s a lawyer, pays a lot of attention to his look, and loves his city. We interviewed him closeby his studio in the Prati District, a few steps away from our Rome Bottega.

Hi Sebastiano, what is your workday looking today?

My day looks pretty much the same during a work week: I get to work either by walking or by taking my Vespa; here in Rome, the weather is usually sunny. I practice family law; therefore, I spend my mornings at court, while my afternoons are in my office.

A Million Steps

Where is a great place in Rome to walk around, and a great place to eat authentic local cuisine?

I love going to the parks ― Rome is full of many, such as Villa Pamphili and Villa Borghese ― to relax and read. I much prefer typical taverns to fashionable restaurants that don’t last particularly long in the city. In the Ghetto ― the Jewish suburb of Rome ― there are still many spots to eat authentic Jewish-Roman cuisine. One I especially recommend is Giggetto.

Where do you like to go on a weekend?

In the winter, I’m very much for going to Tuscany, Capalbio, and all the area around Pescia Romana. In the summertime, instead, I prefer to visit Sabaudia because I can enjoy the beautiful sea there.

A Million Steps

Let’s talk style: how do you incorporate you Velascas into your wardrobe?

I’m in love with my Derbies, as they are the type of shoes that are sporty, but you can easily pair them with a classy look too. Their versatility convinced me to buy them: I can wear them with jeans, or with a pinstriped suit.

What is an accessory that you always wear?

Let me think for a second. My watch ― I love it. I’m not particularly into famous or flashy brands that everyone knows. I actually take the opposite approach: I’d rather go for a vintage watch, one nobody recognizes.

What does “Italian good taste” mean to you?

Simple style: you can dress elegantly, and still get noticed while not showing off all the time. It’s a balance of elegance and attitude.

Who is an Italian character to get inspiration from, and what is a must-watch movie?

I’m a real Roman person: I would choose Vittorio De Sica, and the inimitable Marcello Mastroianni. As far as a movie, without a doubt, I’d recommend My Friends (1975).

What other job could you see yourself doing?

I was born for this job. I honestly think I’m good at being a lawyer: I’ve always thought that this is a part of me.

Photos by Ludovico Bertè

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