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Originally from Ferrara, Luca moved to Milan three years ago to work in the pharmaceutical sector. He works with companies all around Italy. This year, he’s already bought three pairs of Velasca shoes: Cadregatt (pictured), Ost, and Trombee. You can certainly tell he goes crazy for Belgium – seen by his taste in Belgian Loafers – even though it seems he will be sticking around Italy for the foreseeable future.

A Million Steps

Hi Luca, why Velasca?

I’m currently in a period of my life where I don’t look for the big name brands anymore. After a bit of research, I found that Velasca specialises in the premium quality and high-end materials that I was looking for. It also helps that the shoes are great value for money.

Besides all of that, I’ve been continuously impressed by the packaging. For me, the eye for detail is just as important as the products.

Is word of mouth helping to spread Velasca?

A friend and colleague of mine introduced me to Velasca, after buying a pair of Belgian Loafers at their Bottega in Milan. In my case, word of mouth is how I found out about the brand.

How would you describe Velasca style in a sentence?

The brand projects not only stylish shoes but that behind the product there is a group of young people who care. Velasca succeeded in turning a classic style concept into a relevant, contemporary one, accessible by anyone.

Where is the best place you have visited?

A few summers ago, I took my car and drove from Milan towards Le Porge, which is very close to Bordeaux (French Atlantic Coast). It’s a magical place: a small town full of fishermen, facing the ocean. Its greenery was so beautiful and diverse. The sea has always been super important to me.

What’s the last book you read?

I just started ‘The Razor’s Hedge’ by Maugham W. Somerset. I’d recommend it so far.

Where do you take your Velascas?

Once, I jumped over a fence in Milan with my Velasca shoes on. I was kicked out of the house, and the shoes helped me make a quick getaway .I haven’t found a better option yet. I wear my Velascas pretty much every day, with and without socks.

How do you match your clothes with them?

Honestly, they go with pretty much everything. It’s a very versatile shoe. I usually wear them with skinny pants ― whether jeans, trousers, or casual pants ― with classic black socks. For sure, I’d never pair them with shorts.

What does living made in Italy mean in your everyday life?

An eye for quality. From a large company to a small tailor’s shop, made in Italy pays lots of attention to the quality of the materials you’re using. I love mixing it up with foreign brands sometimes. I’d say that my style is quite diverse.

What new Velasca shoes would you like to own?

A pair of Double Monk Straps will be my next present to myself, for sure.

If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently in your life?

Working in vocational training with youth and still staying in Italy. I used to travel a lot, but I always come back home at the end.

A Million Steps
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