A Million Steps

A Million Steps è un magazine online di lifestyle che racconta il mondo che gravita attorno a Velasca. Parliamo di consigli di stile e modi di vivere, lasciando voce alle diverse opinioni. La nostra missione è quella di dare spunti ai lettori, per renderti la vita un po’ più facile, ogni giorno di più.


Men's style told by Italians


A Million Steps was born from the style of Velasca,
the hand-crafted Italian footwear brand.

We believe in traditional Italian quality for everyone
― intuitive products that understand our world.

Whether you’re about to get ready for the working day,
or filling your suitcase for the holidays,
we’d like you to think of us as your personal style virtuoso
you’d consult before making a move.

We won’t be gifting you life lessons.

Instead, we’re a space to find the right inspiration,
ponder different perspectives, or learn from others’ experiences.

Thus reinventing your own traditions,
step by step.


Graphic Designer
Chief Editor
Art Director

A Million Steps is an online lifestyle magazine
that discusses the world of Velasca.
Inside you’ll find style tips and ways of living,
giving a voice to a range of opinions and life experiences.
Our mission is to suggest ideas
that will make your life a little bit easier,
each and every day.

Chief Editor


Are you an expert about the Gentleman's world and you feel pretty confident in the art of writing, where anecdotes are your daily meal?

Send an email at
magazine@velasca.com !


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