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“Give me a Vespa, the summer is moving along, give me a Vespa and I can take you on a holiday” sang Cesare Cremonini, former lead singer of Lùnapop band. It was 1999, and the group with this spirited and lighthearted ode to Italian excellence shifted pop culture’s focus onto the most original way to travel: on the seat of a Vespa. As an infamous Vespa commercial said:

“The ones who ride a ‘Vespa’ can reach the apples, the others can’t.”

The internet and bookstore shelves are filled with itineraries and routes for those who decided to dedicate themselves to discovering the world on the two-wheeled Piaggio. In fact, the advantage of the Vespa is that it is very easy to drive, even for the less experienced, and it offers everyone the opportunity to see places from a completely new perspective.

A Million Steps

Unlike a car, the two wheels allow you to really take advantage of the road and stop wherever you want, without having to wait for an inlet on the road in order to take a souvenir photo.

In addition, the Vespa is a myth: it became an icon of postwar Italy and reflects the relaxed rhythms of the Dolce Vita style better than any other image. Therefore, it is the ideal partner for a holiday ― or even just for a break ― filled with relaxation and freedom. But always with style.

“Tuscany ― Vespa’s homeland ― is one of the best Italian regions to explore by scooter.”

Neat rows of cypress trees border the horizon next to awe-inspiring medieval churches, profiles of villages perch on hills, and meadows are filled with changing colors extend as far as the eye can see: these are just some of the discoveries that can be seen along the path in the Etruscan lands.

Thanks to rough terrain that makes it impossible to build high-speed roads, the Chianti area (close to Siena) remains the best setting to start a holiday by scooter: the rolling hills surrounding the town of San Gimignano town are ideal to get the wind flowing through your hair.

An another fascinating path crosses from Alba to Barolo (in Piedmont), passing through areas known for fine wine. An itinerary that marries panoramic landscapes, and medieval castles with wine and food tours; the tour is a promising one.

“For the beach lovers, the Region of Marche offers one of the best routes via the Riviera of Conero (from Portonovo to Numana and Sirolo): the only stretch of the Adriatic where you can see the cliffs.”

Here, the sea is an intense green and the famous beach called “Two Sisters” (there are two almost identical rocks a few meters from the shore) has unexpected beauty. A little further south, there is the Piceno area that has interesting cultural paths stemming from the soft hills of the hinterland to the Riviera of the Palms.

The trusted Vespa can cross lands rich in history and share traditions along villages laid out by ancient medieval walls, small towns surrounded by the countryside, and strongholds dominating the rolling hills. The violence of earthquakes has not weakened the charm of these places.

A Million Steps

Also Lombardia (and its lakes), Lazio (Tuscia and Ciociaria areas in particular), Calabria, Puglia and Sardegna (with their magnificent coastlines and wild nature), as well as Sicily (and its many landscapes) are places that offer routes that can be explored by scooter.

A Vespa journey is a fascinating experience that you cannot emulate, and is within the reach of all budgets. It is best to plan ahead; a bit of physical preparation and some rudimentary mechanics are fundamental travel partners. With pit stops here and there, and a great spirit of adventure, you will soon be the envy of all your friends.

Photos by Ludovico Bertè

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