Photosteps | 03 | Iconic Italian design

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Calendar 12/06/2017
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It’s time once again for Photosteps submissions. Our column of Instagram photographers returns filling our magazine with new photos, submitted by our readers.

To refresh your memory (and to explain the guidelines to new Instagrammers) you remind that, every month, our editorial office launches a call for photo submissions. Each month, the topic of submissions changes, and we select the best 10 shots to publish.

During June, the hashtag was #feelitaliandesign, focusing on iconic Italian design. Italians are good at pizza and mandolino, right? Design is something we’re pretty good at as well.

Given the fact we’re getting close to summer, the next submission will be about the most beautiful Italian beaches. As always, you can compete in two ways: either sending a photo to or posting it on your personal Instagram profile using #feelitalianbeaches.

But, for now, let’s check out the best 10 photographs centered on the theme of Italian design. So, we’ve already talked about the ceramic plates by Gio Ponti. Easy. How many famous pieces of design can you recognize?

Studio Achille Castiglioni #everythinghasareason #studiomuseum #achillecastiglioni #cabinetofcuriosity #oeostudio

Un post condiviso da Anne-Marie Buemann (@annemariebuemann) in data:

#morning #pulcina #micheledelucchi

Un post condiviso da Architect / Interior Designer (@thibautjulien) in data:

#pattern #sunlight #nofilterneeded #gioponti #interiordesign #hotels

Un post condiviso da esterbruzkus (@esterbruzkus) in data:


Un post condiviso da C.C (@chiaracorbani) in data:


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