Photosteps | 06 | Welcome to my villa

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Calendar 22/09/2017
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When you return from summer break, during your first days back at the office something inside of you still feels “on vacation”. Whether you’re still recovering (maybe from jet lag), thinking about the many things you discovered in a new country (and yourself), or already brainstorming for your next trip, it’s always tough to get a recent vacation off of your mind.

That feeling is slowly going away: we’re already in the middle of September. And so, it’s time to get back to where we left off, our photography monthly column. Photosteps reaches its sixth edition, which will exhibit the 10 most beautiful villas around Italy ― both interiors and outdoors.

In October, we’ll go back in time seeking for the best Italian vintage cars, through your photos. To compete (and get published) there are always two ways: you can either send a photo to or post it on your Instagram profile hashtagging #photosteps.

Are you ready to discover all these villas?

. . #MondayMazesLabyrinthsAndParterres . . The Quadrato at Villa Lante, Bagnaia, Viterbo, Italy . A small quadrant of the Quadrato parterre, which as its name describes, is a parterre contained within a perfect square. . Designed in the mannerist style, it is bordered on all sides by both high and low hedges. The 16th century parterre weaves & intersects in several patterns & shapes throughout the garden. Sadly, not seen in this image, is a fountain the center of the garden by the High Renaissance sculptor, Giambologna.© . . . Source/Credit/Image:,,, . #VillaLante #Giambologna #LessIsMore #climbingrose #parterre #hedge #boxwood #topiary #buxus #landscape_lovers #style #elegant #europa #savoygardens #jardin #travel #savoyhomesandgardens #madrid #gardening #paris #nature #instagarden #picoftheday #Photooftheday #london #instadaily #instagood #bestoftheday #trees

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