Photosteps 08 | Old-fashioned signs

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Calendar 13/11/2017
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Our editorial office is based in Milan, a city that was radically changed after the 2015 Expo. Just looking at the skyline, there are so many new skyscrapers watching over the new Milanese suburbs expanding. Almost everything has changed: if you look carefully at the small hidden streets, lots of the old shops are still there, right where they used to be.

The eighth edition of our Instagram Photosteps returns, this time to tell the story of the 10 best shots of old-fashioned signs around Italy.

In the next episode, we’re looking for pictures of Italian winter cabins. Send your photos to our editorial team at or tag yours directly on your Instagram account with #photosteps.

Vecchie insegne, nuovi negozi #milano #igersmilano #vecchieinsegne #portavenezia #lovemycity

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Low pressure.

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#merceria #bologna #tessuti #insegne #insegnevintage

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Lunedì / Chiuso per Festa / #rome #igersrome #monday #closed #pasquetta #vecchieinsegne

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Vecchie insegne Milano #vecchieinsegne #milano#oldsignboard #oldstore#store#negozimilano #viamoscova#

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