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Bormio, Courmayeur, Madonna di Campiglio, Ponte di Legno: a “white five” able to regenerate you from the stress of work. The cold season is starting and millions of Italians are already planning a Christmas holiday or a New Year’s Eve in the snow. But even at high altitude, it is necessary to maintain a certain style.

After being in court, in the editorial office and behind the camera, we are now on the track with you. Of course, we do not claim the same talent as Alberto Tomba but we don’t want you to look like Fantozzi in the cable car, with flannel trousers and a herringbone coat.

A Million Steps

It would be much better to see you in full Paninaro dress code, with the return for the legendary 1980s, very typically Milanese, ambrosiana rich kids’ style.

Skiing can be a lot of fun, but without the right equipment you risk freezing or sweating too much. That’s why the skier’s outfit has to follow some rules, whilst maintaining a touch of glamour that will make you stand out, even in the snow. In short, you can remain fashion addicted, even on the slopes.

Several factors influence the choice of the right clothing: comfort, functionality, protection from the cold and the price.

“The times of the tights are over.”

Today, apparel manufacturers produce clothes with soft and warm materials, which guarantee comfort throughout the day.

A ski suit is generally composed of thermal underwear, a second and third layer, and some extra accessories, which prove to be crucial in order not to be paralyzed by the extremely rigid temperatures.

A Million Steps

The legendary Robert Redford also loves the thermal suit: the American actor, despite his 82 years, continues to frequent the ski resorts with a certain regularity. In Park City, Utah, the award-winning actor has even created an ad hoc festival combining cinema and his passion for skiing.

“Redford is able to keep his style, even in the mountains: the cowboy look gives way to a more casual style, while its elegance is borderless.”

His dress code consists of the inevitable turtleneck, very Passepartout in Redford’s look. Its jolly and has been a distinguishable characteristic for decades.

Redford never gives up his hat, even at high altitudes. Few people wear it like him: be it a Stetson, a Sicilian coppola or a Fedora; he seems to wear any model with elegance.

“Eternal also, his aviator glasses: Robert has literally imposed the fashion of the pilot glasses, also suitable for the mountains. A vintage look, but he manages to give it harmony and verve.”

But let’s go back to your dress code on the snow: the first layer in contact with the skin is going to consist of thermal underwear. Opt for hydrophobic high-capacity materials that can expel moisture to the outside of the fiber, keeping you warm and dry.

The second layer is instead represented by a heavy pile, complementary to the warm underpants. The third layer is the most decisive because it has the function of protecting you directly from the elements: wind, cold, water and snow.

The raincoat is indispensable for the mountains: you shouldn’t even leave the city without having packed it. Remember, it should not be too heavy: skiing is a sweaty s

What should you look for in a jacket? Always consider that in the case of snowfall, you will subject the garment to bad weather for several hours.

A Million Steps

So if a column of 5,000 mm gives safety for falls, snowball battles and for one or two hours of snowfall, it will not give it under the rain or on very wet snow. To be sure, it is, therefore, better to have a minimum of 10,000 mm.

And let’s get on to the extras, necessary additions like a hat and thermal gloves. Those who want can replace the hat with a helmet and add a neck warmer or a practical balaclava.

For socks, we suggest one or two layers: it depends on how cold you are. The principle, however, is to not be too cumbersome on the track and have fluid movements.

“On the ski slopes, recognize yourself, try to stand out from the crowd.”

We say yes to bright colors such as yellow and orange, but also consider red. We should definitely reject white clothes: you do not have to blend in with the surrounding environment. Take a cue from the unforgettable ‘Christmas Holidays’ (1983).

In conclusion, never forget the basic rules on the snow: respect for others, mastery of speed and movements (do not venture into maneuvers that are not within your reach), respect the signs and stop only when strictly necessary. The mountain is waiting for you, do not be caught unprepared.

Opening and in-text photos with Robert Redford by Courtesy Everett Collection/Contrasto, other in-text photos by The Movie DB, link Instagram post via @amillionstepsmag, and video via YouTube

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