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Calendar 20/03/2017
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Originally from Crotone, Frank Gallucci moved to Milan to start his career as a visual brand manager. For many, he’s one of the freshest new faces in men’s fashion; he’s quite often featured in cool magazines, and he seems to know trends before they happen. Without a doubt, he cares a lot about the made in Italy concept and all the values that come with it.

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Hi Frank, wine or cocktails?

Red wine. Actually, it really depends on the situation. If I’m at an aperitivo (a northern Italian tradition where a cocktail includes light appetizers), I usually enjoy drinking a cocktail.

How would you define your style?

A very eclectic gentleman. I sometimes like wearing a suit matched with white sneakers and no socks. From time to time, you can definitely break style rules. However, what I really can’t stand is pairing a classic jacket with baggy pants.

How would you define Velasca style?

Artisanal shoes made with distinction, for anyone to wear.

What accessory couldn’t you live without?

Without a watch I’d feel naked. A watch is the only accessory I take with me every day. And it’s the most democratic piece for a gentleman that I can think of. Democratic in that pretty much everyone can afford one.

If you think of made in Italy, what’s the first thing comes to your mind?

Passion, quality, creativity, and reliability.

In the last few years, the idea of craftsmanship – as a positive value – has seen a resurgence. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to the globalization of communication ‒ I think the internet and, more precisely, social networks ‒ craftsmanship has become fashionable again. I love buying vintage watches and restoring them at my watch repairer’s workshop. Their value increases – in every sense – and it’s closely connected to Italian craftsmanship.

How do you match your clothes with Velasca shoes?

I have the Derby model because it’s very adaptable. I can wear it with everything from a three-piece suit and a tie, a tee, a denim suit with my pants turned up, or short, high-waisted pleated trousers. All sockless looks are accompanied by a stylish button-down shirt.

What trend do you expect to see as fashionable next year?

I’m seeing clothes slowly getting longer, especially dress pants. I think this is in response to the current trend of ankle-length pants. I’m not sure when I will start wearing longer pants, but I see that coming very soon. Moreover, I see men going back to gentlemanly and very Italian style, moving away from the current casual American way of dressing.

And how do you see yourself in 5 years time?

As an entrepreneur. There’s a brand and a collection ready in my head.

A Million Steps

A Million Steps

A Million Steps

A Million Steps

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