The guide: how to say goodbye to your shoes

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We’d love that time never to come, that the good things could last forever, and that the day to say goodbye would happen to other people only. As all loves come to an eventual end ― always too soon ― artisanal shoes have their lives as well.

To say goodbye to your old shoes is anything but easy, and breaking up with a text message isn’t quite fair. How do you tell them this is the end, and it’s time to move on without them?

We thought about this and came up with the four best justifications to end it for good with an old pair.

1. It’s been way too long

Start from a logical perspective. Like people, circumstances change as well. After years of evolving ideas and dreams, your way of dressing up can take a different direction. You’re a man: be rational. But, don’t be too hard on your shoes, remind them about the good times together: from the walks along the beach shore on holiday breaks to the days at the office.

2. They aren’t doing their job anymore

Don’t beat around the bush. One of the reasons why you’re breaking up is because they no longer have your back. Now, you need classic shoes for your long days at work, as well as during your life outside the office. Even though they lasted so long, there’s still much more to do, and this look has simply become dated.

3. Space is limited

You’ve lived by yourself for a while now, and your apartment is anything but spacious. Centrally located houses are expensive, but you much prefer to stay in the city, instead of living in a big place far away from the center. Because of space issues, there’s no longer a spot for your old shoes. You already have many pairs, and it’s time for decisions here.

4. You like another pair

For a few weeks, you’ve been returning to that same shop. From the first moment you saw them, you cannot stop thinking about getting a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, these things can happen to anyone. You need to be honest about it. In the beginning, your old shoes will take it hard, but then, with time, they’ll understand this was the right thing to do. Admitting it in front of them will be tough, but the truth is you fell in love with another pair.

The best case scenario to win the discussion will be utilizing with only one of these arguments. But, if things get bad, having four topics to pull from could be the safest option.

This is the right time to go tell them everything. The next pair is waiting for you online.

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